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Find People - Phone Numbers - Business Listings
The site offers free US directory assistance and also offers a list of international directories for assistance outside of the US
The site offers free US directory assistance and also offers a list of international directories for assistance outside of the US 

Federal Telephone Directories
Public Record Finder finds free public records using the largest public records search database on the World Wide Web.

Reverse Phone Directory
Reverse Lookup Telephone Numbers by using Reverse Directory Phone Books to Find a Person's Name and Street Address.
Do reverse lookups fast by searching multiple reverse lookup engines all from one place.

AT&T Directory: Directory Assistance
Use our online directory to find phone numbers, addresses, maps and directions for businesses and people in the U.S.
is a free online phone number directory, including white pages, yellow pages, reverse phone lookups, reverse address lookups.

NumberWay is the easy way to find phone numbers, worldwide.Find international white pages and yellow pages phone books and search online directory enquiries worldwide in this free independent and up-to-date guide to telephone directories on the web.

Internet 800 Directory
Directory of free toll free (tollfree), 800,866,877 and 888 listings of businesses by company, number and type of industry, regardless of long distance carrier.

Yahoo! People Search
Try our free white pages search to access updated phone and address information. 
Find friends, colleagues, classmates and more!
Metasearch engine lets visitors search through phone books, business registries, and email databases to find people, places, and businesses.

411 Locate
Directory contains email and address finder, white pages, and links to public records and city-search resources. - White Pages 
Search for a person's phone number and address by typing in the name and the corresponding city, state and country.  

AA White Pages
Visit the best website on White Pages. Explore and see the wonders of what this site has to offer you.

About - Family Internet: People Finders 
About covers people finders on the Web, presenting a set of links and articles on the subject.

Search this phone directory for email and postal addresses as well as phone numbers. Offers reverse lookup and a link to a teleconferencing service. - Reverse Lookup 
Find addresses to people and businesses by entering a phone number. Includes maps and driving directions to locations.

Certified Merchant Services Reverse Directory 
Find people, phone numbers, and businesses. Offers links to free credit report sites and Canadian reverse lookup services. 

Department of Corrections Search - US SEARCH 
Find out if someone is currently in prison. Premium service searches for case numbers and charges, incarceration periods, current parole statuses and parole officer info.

Enformion People Finders - Find Anyone in the USA 
Search 12 public records databases, with over 2 billion records. Search by name, address, or phone number. Get an instant report on your subject. Money back guarantee.  

Find a Lost Friend - US SEARCH 
Premium search service locates lost friends including old roommates, teammates, and other loved ones. Get addresses, phone numbers, aliases, and public records on anyone.

Find a Lost Love - US SEARCH 
Search for ex-boyfriends or girlfriends and reunite with lost loves. Premium search service provides addresses, phone numbers, aliases, and public records on anyone.

Find Lost Family - US SEARCH 
Use this premium search service to reunite with family members. Get addresses, phone numbers, aliases, bankruptcy history, and public records to help find lost family.

Find Old Military Buddies - US SEARCH 
Leader in public information and premium search service reunites former military personnel. Get addresses, phone numbers, aliases, and public records, and find friends. - Directory Assistance 
Provides an online version of American Directory Assistance. Locate a person using a name and state and/or part of a phone number.  

MSN White Pages 
Search worldwide listings and reverse number lookup or perform an email address search. Also includes yellow pages and a public records search. 

PeopleBot - People Finder 
People search engine allows users to find United States phone numbers, addresses, and free satellite photos with just a name. 
Use this service to find people in the United States and beyond. Offers genealogical research tools and resources.  

People Search - US SEARCH 
Premium search service that locates lost family, friends, and others. Get addresses, phone numbers, aliases, bankruptcy history, and civil judgment records on anyone.  

Qwest Dex 
Claims to be the definitive resource for finding Colorado phone numbers on the Web, courtesy of the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce.

Reverse Phone Directory 
Use this tool to look up any listed phone number in the United States and Canada to find out who owns the number.  

Reverse Phone Directory 
Find reverse directories for phone numbers, cell phone numbers, yellow pages, and addresses. - PeopleFinder 
Choose from numerous free ways to find misplaced friends, ancestors, addresses and professionals. Use reverse directories or search for a celebrity.  

Semaphore Corporation 
Visitors can use free Internet databases to search for people, phone numbers and addresses in the United States. - Reverse Telephone Phone Directories on the Net 
Find people search for the US and Canada, privacy information, reverse cell phone info, and a directory of unlisted phone numbers. 
Register to search this phone directory for millions of residential and business addresses, phone numbers, Web sites, and email addresses. Also find maps and directions.  

thedirectory - Telephone Prefix Locator 
Find the geographic area that corresponds for area codes in the US, Canada and the Caribbean. Also find codes by location.  

  The Ultimate White Pages 
Find an address, phone number and map by typing information into online white pages such as Yahoo, WhoWhere, Switchboard, Infospace and Anywho. 
Directory for finding people, area and zip codes, Web sites and toll-free phone numbers.  

Extensive lookup service for email, postal and homepage addresses and telephone numbers is available in English, French and Spanish.  

Yahoo! Get Local - New York Metro 
Search the New York City yellow pages and browse a local Web directory of businesses, activities, tourist resources and community organizations.

Yahoo! People Search 
Find elusive individuals and long-lost friends through Yahoo's telephone and email search.  

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